Dont Look Twice

LTE: $850,628

2012 NCHA Open World Champion
2011 NCHA Horse of the Year
NCHA Hall of Fame


Earner of $850,628: 2013 NCHA Open World Finals Show Champion; 2012 NCHA Open World Champion; 2011 NCHA Horse of the Year; 2011 NCHA Open Reserve World Champion; 2011 NCHA World Finals Open Champion; 2011 AQHA World Champion Senior Cutting; NCHA Open Derby Reserve Champion; AQHA World Champion Junior Cutting Horse; 2010 NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic Co-Champion; 4th, NCHA Open Super Stakes; Augusta 4-Year-Old Open Futurity Champion; Bonanza 4-Year-Old Open Champion; El Rancho Open Derby Champion; West Texas Open Derby Champion; 2010 Cattlemens Open Classic Champion; 2010 Augusta and Bonanza Open Classics’ Reserve Champion; 2011 Augusta Futurity Open Classic Reserve Champion; 2011 Tunica Futurity Open Classic Champion; 2011 West Texas Futurity Open Classic Champion.


2010 DONT LOOK NOW, c. by Dual Rey. $58,744: NCHA Non-Pro Classic/Challenge Champion; NCHA Senior Youth Co-World Champion and Co-Reserve World Champion; finalist, Southern Open Classic, Bonanza Open Derby, Arbuckle Mountain 4-Year- Old Open Fut., and Cattlemens Non-Pro Classic.
2011 Show Me Twice, f. by Dual Rey. $9,557 (NCHA $9,028). 9th, Southern Open Futurity; top 10, Cotton Stakes Open Futurity; finalist in the Cattlemens Open Derby; 4th, Houston Stock Show AQHA Junior Cutting.
2011 DONT STOPP BELIEVIN, c. by Dual Rey. $461,516: NCHA Open Super Stakes Co-Champion; 4th, NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic; 5th, NCHA Open Finals; NCHA Open Top Ten; 2018 AQHA Reserve World Champion Sr Cutting; 3rd, Bonanza Open Derby; split 3rd, The Ike Open Classic; 2018 Congress World Series Open and Non-Pro Champion; Cattlemens and Augusta Open Classics Champion; 39 points: ROM, etc.
2012 Twice Az Hot, c. by Spots Hot. NCHA money-earner.
2012 RIVAL A TRACTION, c. by Third Cutting. $30,621: Breeders Inv. $10,000 Novice Non-Pro Reserve Champion; 4th, Western States Fall Open Classic.
2012 Dont Look Bak, c. by Dual Rey.
2013 Look At Me Bucky, f. by Third Cutting.
2013 Hot Lipz, f. by Spots Hot.
2014 DONTT HAPPEN TWICE, f. by Woody Be Tuff. $68,499: Abilene Spect. Open and $10,000 Novice Derbies’ Co-Reserve Champion; money-earner, 2018 NCHA Open Super Stakes; 5th, 2019 Augusta Cutting Open Classic; finalist in the Breeders Inv. Open Derby, NCHA Non-Pro Derby, and Brazos Bash Non-Pro Derby.
2014 DONTT SAY A WORD, f. by High Brow Cat. $11,915: Augusta 4-Year-Old Non-Pro Futurity Co-Champion; finalist in the Brazos
Bash Open Futurity.
2016 Dont Dual With Me, c. by Dual R Smokin.
2016 Foxing Awesum, f. by One Time Pepto.
2017 Lookin Tuff, c. by Woody Be Tuff.
2018 Dont Look For Troubl, c. by Meteles Cat.


By HIGH BROW CAT (1988). $110,800. NCHA #1 All-Time Leading Sire, siring earners of $80,000,000, including DONT LOOK TWICE ($850,628: NCHA Horse of the Year; NCHA & AQHA World Champion), METALLIC CAT ($637,711: NCHA Horse of the Year; NCHA Open Futurity Champion), BOON SAN KITTY ($565,504: NCHA Horse of the Year), HIGH BROW CD ($542,101: NCHA Horse of the Year; NCHA Open Futurity Champion), SMOOTH AS A CAT ($501,874: NCHA Horse of the Year), HE BEA CAT ($345,461: NCHA Horse of the Year), FAITH IN MY CAT ($532,833 and 90 AQHA points: NCHA $10,000 Novice World Champion; NCHA Hall of Fame, Superior Cutting), OH CAY FELIX ($468,498: NCHA Open Futurity Champion; NCHA Hall of Fame), HYDRIVE CAT ($416,709: NCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion).


TAPT TWICE, by Dual Pep. Earner of $285,226: NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Classic Reserve Champion; split 5th in the Open; split 5th, NCHA Open Futurity; Breeders Invitational Open Derby Reserve Champion; PCCHA Non-Pro Classic/Challenge Champion, 3rd in the Open; PCCHA Stakes 5/6-Year-Old Non-Pro Champion; PCCHA Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion; split 3rd, PCCHA Open Derby. Equi-Stat # 9 All-Time Leading Producer (2017). Dam of the earners of $1,548,080, including–DONT LOOK TWICE (f. by High Brow Cat). Reference.
TAPT OUT (g. by Smart Little Lena). $154,821: money-earner, NCHA Open Futurity; Tunica Open Classic Co-Reserve Champion; finalist, NCHA Open Derby; split 5th, Breeders Inv. 5-Year-Old Open Special; finalist, NCHA Open Derby.
TWICE AS SMOOTHE (c. by Smooth As A Cat). $96,512: split 5th, NCHA Open Futurity; money-earner, NCHA Open Derby, top 10 in Open Geldings.
TAPT DANCIN CAT (c. by High Brow Cat). $75,242: AUS NCHA Open Classic Champion; finalist, NCHA Limited Open Futurity; AUS NCHA Open Derby Champion.
RATTLE TAP (f. by CD Olena). $28,881: money-earner, NCHA Non-Pro Futurity; finalist, Abilene Spectacular Non-Pro Derby.
REYZ ME TWICE (f. by Dual Smart Rey). $58,376: Southern Open Futurity Champion; Congress Open Classic Reserve Champion; finalist, ID CHA Open Futurity; finalist, West Texas Open Derby.TWICE IS RIGHT (g. by Smart Little Lena). $55,905: PCCHA Non-Pro Futurity Champion; NCHA Limited Non-Pro Super Stakes Reserve Champion; Brazos Bash Non-Pro Futurity Reserve Champion; PCCHA Non-Pro Gelding Stakes Reserve Champion; Breeders Invitational Amateur Derby Champion; West Texas $50,000 Amateur Derby Co-Reserve Champion.
SDP TAPT DANCING (f. by TR Dual Rey). $51,157: money-earner, NCHA Open Futurity; finalist, Bonanza, Abilene Spectacular, Chisholm Trail and Tunica Open Classics; money-earner, NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic.
BIG SHOES TO PHIL (g. by High Brow Cat). $42,955: split 3rd, 2018 NCHA Super Stakes Limited Open Classic; 2018 PCCHA Summer Intermediate Open Classic/Challenge Champion.
ROCK THE CATSBAH (g. by High Brow Cat). $16,831: finalist, NCHA Amateur Futurity, NCHA Limited Non-Pro Super Stakes and Breeders Invitational $10,000 Limited Open Derby.
EVERY LITTLE THING (f. by Smart Little Lena). $15,058: split 4th, South Point Winter Non-Pro Derby; 5th, Augusta 4-Year- Old Non-Pro Futurity; finalist in the Abilene Spectacular Non-Pro Derby.
SUSIE THE SIOUX (f. by Cats Red Feather). $12,903: finalist, Bonanza Non-Pro Derby; money-earner, NCHA Super Stakes Non- Pro Classic.


TAP O LENA, by Doc O’Lena. $502,145: NCHA Hall of Fame; Champion of the NCHA Open Super Stakes, NCHA Non-Pro Derby, NCHA Super Stakes Open and Non-Pro Classics, NCHA Open & Non-Pro Classic/Challenge and NCHA Non-Pro Finals; NCHA Non-Pro Reserve World Champion; Champion of the Chisholm Trail Non-Pro Derby and Classic, PCCHA Non-Pro Derby, Memphis Non-Pro Classic, Abilene Spectacular Non-Pro Classic, Bonanza Non-Pro Classic, El Cid Non-Pro Classic, Steamboat Springs Non-Pro Classic. Dam of 11 performers, earning $644,675––
TAPT TWICE (f. by Dual Pep). Above.
LAHAINA LENA (f. by Dual Rey). $100,680: finalist, NCHA Open Futurity; Bonanza Open Classic Reserve Champion; split 3rd, Augusta Open Classic and El Rancho Open Derby.
SMOKIN TAP (f. by Smokin Trona). $98,485: 4th, Augusta Non-Pro Classic; split 6th, Breeders Invitational Non-Pro Derby; finalist, Abilene Spectacular Non-Pro Classic; Breeders Invitational $10,000 Limited Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion.
PLAYIN BY THE BAY (c. by Freckles Playboy). $54,822: Chisholm Trail Fall Open Classic Reserve Champion; finalist, Music City Futurity; 3rd, AQHA High Point Senior Cutting; 4th, AQHA World Show Senior Cutting; Open ROM; 35 AQHA points.
PITCH TILL YOU WIN (g. by Autumn Acre). $40,049: finalist, NCHA Non-Pro Futurity; money-earner, NCHA Non-Pro Super Stakes and NCHA Non-Pro Derby.
GALATOIRE CAT (g. by High Brow CD). $28,601: money-earner, NCHA Non-Pro super Stakes; Augusta Cutting SSA Incentive Award winner.
HOLD ON LOOSELY (f. by Dual Pep). $15,974: finalist, NCHA $10,000 Novice Non-Pro Super Stakes. Dam of–
SMOOTH TWO TAPPER. $51,532: 4th, 2015 Breeders Invitational Derby $10,000 Novice Non-Pro; 2015 West TX Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion; finalist, 2015 NCHA Non-Pro Derby. PUDDY TAP (f. by High Brow Cat). $10,007, finalist, Augusta 4-Year-Old Open Futurity and Memphis 4-Year-Old Open Futurity. Dam of–
GS PUDDYS BOONSMAL. $104,068: El Rancho Open Derby Reserve Champion.
DUALIN PUDDY TAP. $59,158: 5th, Brazos Bash Open Futurity; finalist, Brazos Bash Open Derby.
GS LITTLE TAPOLENA. $14,695: money-earner, NCHA Open Derby; Arbuckle Mtn Limited Open Classic Champion.
Play Ball (c. by Freckles Playboy). $7,322: top 10, West TX Open Derby; 4th, AQHA High Point Junior Cutting; Open ROM.
Rappatap (f. by Freckles Playboy). Dam of– RAPPACAT. 168.5 points & $29,418: World Champion Amateur Ranch Sorting; top 10, NCHA Amateur Derby.
TAPS ROUSTABOUT. $13,062: South Point Winter Amateur Classic Co-Reserve Champion.


TAPEPPYOKA PEPPY, by Doc’s Oak. Earner of $145,339: top 10, PCCHA Open Futurity; Split 3rd, NCHA 6-Year-Old Non-Pro Challenge; AQHYA World Champion Cutting; PCCHA Non-Pro Champion; 5th, NCHA Non-Pro finals; 3rd, PCCHA 6-Year-Old Open Challenge; AZ Sun Circuit A/A Champion. An Equi-Stat All Time Leading Cutting Dam. Dam of the earners of $619,495, including–
TAP O LENA (Doc O’Lena). $502,145: Champion of the NCHA Open Super Stakes, NCHA Non-Pro Derby. Above.
TAPAROO (Gallo Del Cielo). $40,389: Bonanza 4-Year-Old Non-Pro Co-Champion; 3rd, PCCHA 4-Year-Old Non-Pro Derby.
TAP WATER (Freckles Playboy). $25,282: Heartland Open Derby Reserve Champion; finalist, NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic. Dam of– CD DEPUTY. $27,640: 3rd, San Antonio Non-Pro; top 10, NCHA Finals Senior Youth. Lady Tap Dancer (Gallo Del Cielo). $2,378: NCHA Certificate of Ability.
Tapeppyoka Lena
(Doc O’Lena). Dam of– STARLIGHT TAP. $31,784: 3rd, Abilene Spectacular 5/6-Year-Old Amateur; split 6th, Memphis 4-Year-Old Non-Pro Futurity.
TAPEPPOYKA STARLIGHT. $26,085: money-earner, NCHA Non-Pro Futurity.
TAPEPPYOKA CAT. $10,986: NCHA Certificate of Ability.
TAPEPPYOKA PLAYBOY. $10,391: 312 AQHA points & $10,391: 4th, World Show Sr Tie-Down Roping; National Rope Horse Futurity Open Heading Champion; Superior Heading & Heeling.